Cote d’Azure

Our plan was to visit Azure coast in July and we took Air Serbia flight from Belgrade to Milan. It was 1.45 hour flight and price was around 200 e. First to visit Genoa and to sleep in this hotel, but our flight was 5 hours delayed. We’ve arrived at Milan airport in 2 am. Couldn’t rent a car at that time and had to change plans and find hotel near. Taxi drivers didn’t want to take us to our hotel because it was only 10 km away. We called nice people from hotel and they send driver to pick us up. Price was 35 e.

We woke up early and decided to go to Savona.


I really liked Savona. First day was rainy and I wanted to find vegetarian restaurant. Universo vegano have great vege burgers and plus it’s in mall where we found small coffee shop with nice espresso and cappuccino. On the same floor is small cake shop that I would recommend and go back to every time I visit Savona. 

Next day was sunny and we went to the beach close to our hotel. Water was clear with waves, but people were swimming and I like that beach.

San Remo

After Savona we went to San Remo. It looks more luxury then Savona. We stayed at this hotel and it’s really nice and people who works here are lovely. I would recommend this place to everyone. Waking up to this view was so relaxing.

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First we had some coffee and vine at hotel and I think that I would drink coffee and vine and eat pizza and ice cream all day if I lived in Italy. Then we took a walk by the sea, color of water is azure. 

After that we were walking around the city, in all that small streets and admiring all those buildings and churches which looks like they are painted.

Actually I liked more this Italian part, not only because we have direct flight from Belgrade to Milan, I felt more comfortable here. I will go there for sure and stay in this wonderful hotel.

Monte Carlo

First place that we’ve visited when arrived in Monte Carlo was casino. We had coffee, vine and enjoy in interior. Casino for gambling is open from 2 pm. We actually win some money, so it is possible.

Near is shopping mall. 

I had to try food in Novak Djokovic restaurant Eqvita. It was tasty but a lot of food that I saw on their site or Instagram page wasn’t available. After that we went to Starbucks for coffee, sandwiches and relaxing by the sea.  I’m not that fascinated with Monte Carlo, it looks rich but not my kind of rich. 


Was our next stop. I like it, looks like Spain to me. First we saw Jazz festival, many museums and it looks like all those people are really having fun. As we exploring the town, we saw people dancing salsa on the street. Food was great. You can find hop on hop of buses, just to go around and check your options. There is Mathis, Chagall, Russian church an Renoir’s house. For art lovers there are many options. We’ve spend most of our time walking by the sea, it was really relaxing. Our lovely friend recommended us to have a coffee at Negresco, but we went to Hard Rock Cafe.

We found Galeries Lafayette and everything was on sale. Now I have new Emporio Armani bag and Ralph Lauren glasses. Don’t forget to take …