That was a real life changing experience for me. I’ll visit Bali again as soon as I can.

We flew from Dubai with Emirates around 10 hours. Plane was really big, Boeing 777. Serbs don’t need visa. We went there in June and weather was nice. Our hotel was Grand Aston Bali, and it was very beautiful. Food in hotel was great and stuff also. On some days we didn’t leave hotel, just enjoyed by the pool.

We have found driver Sunny who showed us parts of Bali that wasn’t in the guide book, so we had opportunity to meditate in jungle surrounded by monkeys , and also give gifts to their gods. Monkeys ate gifts. Of course that I couldn’t concentrate, but it was interesting experience. I’ll give you his contact if you write to me.

Bali is the place which though you to be humble. We met old lady who had never seen chewing gum, sleeps on wooden bed outside the house, but she was so nice and peaceful. Those people didn’t have much according to our standards, but they would give us everything they have. I’ve drunk  the best coconut water there. I’ll always remember them and really hope that I’ll have the opportunity to visit them again. 

Jamie’s restaurant in Bali is much better then in Dubai. Food is delicious. 

Hard Rock Cafe is place that we are visiting wherever we can. Their enterier is like rock museum and I love their hot fudge brownie. On their website you can collect points so after some time you’ll have discount or priority seating, that is good to have in Europe where lines are just too long.