Abu Dhabi

This town is my second home. I really love to live here. One of the safest places in the world, full of nice and kind people. Sunny days and beautiful beaches.

If you are from Serbia, you’ll need visa. There are many agencies which can prepare it for you. Etihad flight is about five hours long and the price is around 300 e. When you arrive there are taxis on the airport.

Hotels are good, very good. The best are Emirates Palace, Shangri-La and St. Regis. But cheaper hotels are also great.

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If you want only to visit Emirates Palace, you could have coffee there, go for a lunch or dinner. Food is very good and we are usually sit on the terrace so we could enjoy the view.  Shangri-La is also very beautiful hotel and there is restaurant with nice food, especially good for me is that there are many vegetarian options. There is lovely beach and swimming pool where you can relax and enjoy summer.

Yas beach

Beaches…Saadiyat Public Beach is my favorite. It’s in my neighborhood and it’s very nice. That is the only open sea beach in Abu Dhabi that I’ve visited. You’ll have to pay entrance and umbrellas and sun beds. There are not many choices of food, but I think that you could find some burgers or ice cream.

Saadiyat Beach Club is very beautiful and people usually go there to swim in the pool. You should visit it at least once. There is also beach, but we’ve never swum there in the sea. Entrance is more expensive then in Saadiyat Public Beach, but it really is a nice place. Sometimes there is a party. We went to the Reggae Party there and it wasn’t too crowded.

Yas beach is place that people usually go to. It’s nice, there is a pool also. Sometimes  parties. Entrance is not that high.

Al Bateen beach is free. There is no entrance fee, but there isn’t umbrella or sun beds. You can take your own.

To take a walk there is Corniche. Some people go for a swim, it’s free. Cinnabon is there, so you can have a coffee or try cinnamon rolls. That is one of favorite sweets of all our guests.

Other favorite sweet is cheese cake from Cheese Cake Factory.  There are many flavors and my favorite is Oreo.

Here you can find food from all over the world. For Indian we love Salam Bombay restaurant, it doesn’t look so nice but food is delicious. In St. Regis is one nice restaurant also, but you can find Indian food in almost every mall. The best restaurant with Lebanon food is Ennab, but nice one is in St. Regis also. For cofee there is Shakespeare and Co. Liquor store is in St. Regis, but you’ll have to have alcohol license.  It’s legal to drink alcohol in restaurants, but not to buy it without license.

If you want to go out for a drink you should visit Yas marina. In Abu Dhabi mall is German pub, and people usually recommed Irish pub.

The most beautiful place is Sheik Zayed Mosque. If you are women you’ll have to cover yourself, but if you forget to dress like that, there is option to borrow black abaya, and that is maybe more interesting for tourists. We are usually visiting before sunset so we could see it during the day light and also by night. It’s so wonderful both ways, but I think there are guided tours around 11 a.m.

This year is Louvre open in Saadiyat. I really like it. It’s interesting that is made on water. It doesn’t have the same concept as Paris Louvre, but that is why it’s that good. You could see the difference in stages of art in different parts of world, compare it and also acknowledge what is common in religions that surround us. I think that is very important, especially for those countries which women don’t have the opportunity to travel that much.    

Heritage Village is nice small place with nice view. Our guests liked it.

The best view is from 74th floor in Etihad buildings. I love to go there for a coffee and cake.

Sometimes you can watch races at Yas marina circuit, and sometimes you can take a walk along the track.

Nice place for a walk is also  East Mangroves where you could have a lunch or dinner there or just drink coffee and relax.

It’s not allowed to kiss or hug in public, neither to live with your partner if you are not married.