My favorite city in the whole world.

Place where you can party, learn about history, visit theaters, see rivers and forests, eat the best food.

First you should take a walk on the Knez Mihajlova street and go to Kalemegdan fortress. Best place for coffee is Coffee Dream.

Food …If you want vegetarian option there are Radost fina kuhinjica ( I love their mushroom burgers and lemon mint juice) and Mayka.

You can find very good restaurants all over the city, but if you want something nice, the place that I often visit is Madera. Also very nice places are Sindjelic and Reka. Reka is placed in Zemun, by the river.


You have to visit Kalemegdan fortress.

Monument to The Victor, Kalemegdan fortress

Nice view is from Kalemegdan’s terrace and Usce.

Confluence of the Sava river into the Danube

Tourists usually go to Skadarlija, where  you can taste Serbian traditional food and listen live music. Best pancakes are at Glumac, Pinokio and Hari’s. Street food is also very good.

There are many restaurants and cafes by the rivers the Sava and the Danube, also you should visit Ada Ciganlija.

Botanical garden

Place that I like is Botanical garden.

Near is cafe Idiot where we often hang out.

Not far away you can visit Tasmajdan park. I usually walk my dogs there. During the day it is family place where kids are playing and people are running, at night it is place for young. Cafes in park are Last chance 😊 and Caffe Giardino, where you can relax and enjoy some quiet time in center of the city.

St. Mark’s church is a Serbian Orthodox church located in Tasmajdan park, near the Parliament of Serbia.

This video with panorama of Belgrade I like.

If you want to party you can find many cafes, pubs (Irish pub or Black turtle pub) and clubs here. They usually don’t have dress code. Best beer is lav (lion) and our national drink is rakija. Cheers

I usually visit National theater and Terazije theater ( love Chicago).

National Museum and Historical Museum of Serbia sometimes have a good exhibition. Visit Nikola Tesla museum also.

You can find phone card in almost every newsstand and taxi number is 19806 or 19803, but you can catch a taxi on the street.

Hotels that i would recommend are Falkenstainer and Holiday Inn.

If you want to visit near town, there is Novi Sad and on your way is Sremski Karlovci ( best hotel is Premier President, wich have nice pool ).

You can drink water from the pipe.